Mission 2022 : MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! Friendship across cultures & sports / Interkulturelle Freundschaft & Bewegung

Christine Stibi:  “Since exactly 25 years (1997-2022) we are discovering and enjoying the value of intercultural friendship in many fields. Since the nineties I worked and created new projects in various fields, such as in sport, culture, health, youth and in equestrian. Me and my family lived many years in the arab part of the world region (Qatar & United Arab Emirates). Since that time I also realize that there is an ongoing huge lack of information, lack of direct dialog opportunities, a lot of miss understandings or miss conceptions. I also realize that the media is constantly communicating and focusing on negative facts or usually cultivating negative emotions, which leads to fear and much more.

BUT: It is a fact that so many aspects are just wonderful and unique, such as the kindness and hospitality of arab families, their strong bonds and the fascinating culture. So much more to discover and to hear about. Its time to make a difference.

That’s why our focus in 2022 is clearly to reduce lack of information, opening new chapters and aspects. To inspire you all, each of you: “That time has come now to make a difference. To create a new awareness, that it is in each of our hand to develop intercultural friendship. Time has come to get to know each other better.”

All our communication activities and happiness initiatives will focus on that topics in the year 2022.

We are all living under one sun. We are in the end one family. We are all sisters and brothers.


Feel free to contact us if you wish to support our happiness mission 2022: mail@christine-stibi.de

Background and previous intercultural projects across cultures:   

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